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During the summer, even by the standards of the pandemic, we were in unprecedented times. Travel had restarted again, and people were enjoying the freedoms of being able to visit relatives, explore exciting destinations and lay on a beach. However, we had the backdrop of the Ukraine conflict, raising energy prices and causing a cost of living crisis.

Without a functioning government at the time, we developed the idea of travelling abroad for the winter to avoid the costs of a cold winter at home, and replace it for a warm beach or city. Our ‘The Heat is On’ campaign was highly successful, as one of the leading voices on travelling abroad in the winter – with us featured in The Independent, I News, Reuters, Euronews and the national Latvian TV station.

With high inflation remaining over the winter, these challenges are going to remain into next year, but there is still a huge desire to travel. There have been multiple surveys recently indicating that travel is the last thing people would sacrifice when there is a squeeze in household income. Yes, prices have risen over the last few years – so potentially there is less money to spend just at the same time when holidays are getting more expensive.

This is where we come in. We’re launching ‘A World of Value’, an extension of our campaign from the Autumn, but focusing on key areas where value can be added to your holiday by booking with a professional travel agent, products like cruises and All-Inclusive hotels, or harnessing the power of the alternative – the time of year, method of transport or destination.

As a professional travel agency, we have decades of experience in the industry. We know where we can save you a bit of money, maybe suggest an alternative destination which could provide better value, or add extra elements to your stay such as a room upgrade or additional service like a spa treatment. That’s all in the knowledge that your money is completely safe with us, with full financial protection. There is also something about dealing with an actual person, someone who gets to know what you like (and what you don’t), who has empathy and really cares about you and your holiday.

There are of course certain types of holiday which provide great value. Cruises and All Inclusives are increasing in popularity, as you’re able to pay for everything in advance to make a holiday easier to budget for. The same can be said about Escorted Tours and Adventure holidays – so much is included that you don’t have to worry about excursions, or finding money to do different activities.

At least in the early part of this year, the world ‘value’ is going to be everywhere and is the buzzword of the travel industry. Over the coming weeks, we’ll have different articles, reviews and social media posts which are both informative and inspirational, showing that despite the nation possibly not being able to spend as much as they would want on a holiday – it’s still possible.

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