In 2024, we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary. We wouldn’t be here today without the great service we provide to plan and book your holidays, the knowledge we have accumulated over the years to inform and inspire and the relationships we have made to make that all happen. These are key to making sure you have the best experience possible.

However, we want to make sure that those experiences are there for the next generation and the generation after that, so we have to be mindful of our impact on the planet, both socially and environmentally. So not only will you still be able to lie on the same beach in the Maldives, visit the same indigenous community in Fiji, or see the amazing Great Barrier Reef, you’ll be able to experience it for many years to come.

Our purpose going forward is to improve our collective relationship with the planet, contributing in a positive way wherever possible. We’re not just setting our boundaries to where we visit around the world, but improving and helping in our own community for the benefit of everyone.


Travelling responsibly isn’t about just one person or company, but everyone collectively. The smallest of steps we take individually when travelling can make a large difference overall.

This is why we have created our own ‘Responsible Travel Guide’ – with tips and ideas for you to reduce your environmental impact when travelling, and improve local communities.


We may be a small business, but we’re committed to protecting the environment.

We recognised that the products we sell contribute to climate change. It’s our moral responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and encourage our suppliers to disclose how they intend to reduce theirs.

We’re committed to working with our suppliers to reduce our impact on the planet and in particular, reduce carbon in the supply chain. We will actively work with those suppliers committed to protecting the planet and will monitor and review their sustainability policies, providing details on these wherever we can.


We’re committed to supporting our local community and playing our part in delivering economic and social benefits for people and businesses locally.

We care and value the people that work and support our business. We’re committed to developing an all-inclusive workplace that supports our team’s wellbeing and is a great place to work.

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