As a business, we turn 30 in 2024, a big milestone in our company’s story. Over that time we have booked thousands of holidays all over the world, from Chile to Australia, America and Africa, and yes even Benidorm. We wouldn’t be here thirty years later if we didn’t have the support and loyalty of our clients, friendships and relationships built on the understanding that we’re here for them, and we care for them and the experiences we book.

We understand that in a new modern world, just caring for our clients isn’t enough, we have to do more. Travel is a business where there is going to be an impact on the environment for the near to medium term, there just isn’t a way around that. However, we can all do our bit to minimise that impact and we’re setting out our vision to help, but upon our core principles, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s not just the Environment we have to give back to, but our communities.¬† What we do for everyone in our community at home and abroad, supporting charities and help those who need a little extra assistance.

To be here in thirty years’ time, we have to use the platform we have as a successful business to not just help our clients, but others in society we can help, protect the environment and encourage sustainable tourism.


We may be a small business, but we’re committed to protecting the environment.


We recognise that the products we sell contribute to climate change. It’s our moral responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and encourage our suppliers to disclose how they intend to reduce theirs.


We are committed to reducing the number of consumables (including paper and plastic), avoiding waste, single-use plastic and to recycle wherever possible.


As a business we will choose low-carbon travel options, including electronic cars, cycling and walking; or choose airlines and operators who offer sustainable fuel options.


We aim to record and report our carbon footprint annually and identify where we can make changes to our operations to reduce energy consumption. Where we can’t reduce our consumption we will evaluate initiatives to invest in natural capital or carbon offsets.

We are committed to working with our suppliers to reduce our impact on the planet and in particular, reduce carbon in the supply chain. We will actively work with those suppliers committed to protecting the planet and will monitor and review their sustainability policies, providing details on these wherever we can.


We care and value the people that work and support our business. We’re committed to developing an all-inclusive workplace that supports our team’s wellbeing and is a great place to work.


We have a workplace health insurance scheme with associated benefits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and we’re keen to promote healthy living throughout the business.


We understand that everyone may need some support from time to time. We aim to give support through our Mental Health First Aider, the association with counselors and charity partners. We also promote the virtues of maintaining good mental health through sports, exercise, travel and time out.


We have made a commitment that every qualifying member of our team receives at least the minimum living wage.


We’re committed to promoting and developing a business where every member of the team feels valued. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity, no matter their gender, age, ethnicity, disability or cultural background.


We have a passion for learning, and this doesn’t stop once you have left full-time education. Everyone has access to a tailored learning package, which can include apprenticeships, tailored training (such as first aid or business skills), and general product training through our suppliers and partnerships.

We are committed to supporting our local community, and playing our part in delivering economic and social benefits for people and businesses locally.


We believe that travel should be inclusive. We are committed to helping our clients find the right holiday experience for them, suitable for their needs.


It’s important to us that our clients are fully informed about how their choices can have an impact on local communities and the environment. Before travelling we will provide our customers with a guide to help them make informed decisions, and so they can respect and contribute to local economies and the environment.


We actively encourage our customers to give back to the destinations they visit, either contributing to community and conservation projects, shopping or eating locally or investing in the local community. We discourage staying at all-inclusive hotels where it adversely impacts the local economy, culture and community.


We won’t recommend attractions where animals may be exploited, or the purchasing of locally-produced animal souvenirs could be sourced from endangered species.


Our ESG strategy is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals and will be reviewed by the board every quarter. We are committed to setting targets to improve our overall performance and will report on these annually.


We will build stakeholder relationships to create value for our business and for others.


We are committed to establishing robust data sources and collecting reliable information to help define our sustainability strategy.


We will include our team in our sustainability journey to take ownership and help with implementation.


We support a number of local charities and are making a commitment to supporting charities abroad in destinations that are important to us in the future.


We will always use local venues and support local businesses wherever we can, either for the day-to-day running of the business or for promotional events. We will also support sports clubs through sponsorship and joint-marketing initiatives.


We actively encourage our customers to give back to the destinations they visit, either contributing to community and conservation projects, shopping or eating locally or investing in the local community. We discourage staying at all-inclusive hotels where it adversely impacts the local economy, culture and community.


We will ensure that our customers will have full financial protection. We are a full ABTA member, and all our holidays are protected by our partner’s ATOL licenses.


We commit to having full financial control of the business through monthly account reporting and reconciliation. We have a policy in place to prevent money laundering.


We will always speak up for things we truly believe in, even when it might be unfashionable. This could be through trade bodies who will lobby on our behalf, through industry committees and associations, or direct with our local Member of Parliament.


We will influence wider policy decision-making through non-executive directorships and committee positions on external travel-related association boards.

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