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Nestled amidst the serene backwaters of Kerala, India, lies a unique and unforgettable experience: houseboat cruises. Known as “Kettuvallams,” these traditional yet luxurious floating homes offer an enchanting journey through Kerala’s picturesque waterways. With their rustic charm, stunning vistas, and warm hospitality, houseboats have become an integral part of Kerala’s tourism landscape, attracting travellers seeking tranquillity and a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.


The Backwater Paradise

Kerala’s backwaters, a network of interconnected canals, lagoons, and lakes, provide the idyllic setting for houseboat cruises. The labyrinthine waterways meander through lush green landscapes, swaying coconut groves, and quaint villages, immersing visitors in the tranquillity and natural beauty of the region. Cruising along these calm waters on a traditional houseboat is an experience that transports travellers to a world of serenity and simplicity.


Houseboat Comfort and Elegance

Kerala’s houseboats are a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern comforts. Built using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, coir, and wood, these floating abodes boast intricate designs and offer a range of amenities. Spacious bedrooms with comfortable beds, attached bathrooms, dining areas, and sundecks ensure that guests have a luxurious and comfortable stay on board. The houseboat crew, including a skilled chef, caters to every need, providing a warm and personalized service.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

Discovering the Backwater Life

A houseboat cruise is not just a journey through the waters; it’s an opportunity to witness the vibrant lifestyle of the locals who depend on the backwaters for their livelihood. As the houseboat glides past charming villages, one can observe fishermen casting their nets, women washing clothes by the water’s edge, and children splashing joyfully. Interactions with the friendly locals offer insights into their daily routines, traditional occupations, and the close-knit communities that thrive along the backwaters.


Scenic Delights

The houseboat journey unfolds a series of breathtaking sights that make for postcard-worthy moments. The emerald, green paddy fields, mirrored reflections in the calm waters, colourful blossoms adorning the banks, and the occasional sighting of birds and wildlife create an ever-changing canvas of natural beauty. Sunrise and sunset cruises are particularly magical, painting the sky with hues of gold, orange, and pink, casting a spell of tranquillity overall aboard.


Gastronomic Pleasures

One of the highlights of a houseboat cruise is the delectable cuisine. Local chefs onboard prepare traditional Kerala dishes using fresh ingredients and aromatic spices. From the famous seafood delicacies like Karimeen (pearl spot fish) and Chemmeen Curry (prawn curry) to vegetarian delights like Avial (mixed vegetable stew) and Kerala-style Parotta (layered flatbread), every meal is a flavourful experience that reflects the region’s culinary heritage.


A journey through the backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat is an extraordinary experience that lingers in the hearts and minds of travellers. The combination of breathtaking natural beauty, warm hospitality, and a deep connection with the local culture creates an unforgettable voyage of tranquillity and discovery. As the gentle ripples of the backwaters caress the houseboat, visitors are transported to a world where time slows down, and the beauty of Kerala’s landscape unfolds with every passing moment. A houseboat cruise is an invitation to immerse oneself in the charm of God’s Own Country and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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