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If you are looking for a fun and affordable holiday, look no further than Sarande, a town on the southern coast of Albania. Sarande is known for its sandy beaches, its vibrant nightlife, and its proximity to ancient sites. It is also a place of culture, history, and cuisine, as it offers a glimpse of the Albanian, Greek, and Italian influences.

Sarande is the perfect destination for those who love the sea, sun, and fun. You can relax on the beaches, such as Ksamil Beach, where you can enjoy the white sand, the turquoise water, and the views of the islands. You can also visit the Butrint National Park, where you can see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the ancient city of Butrint, with its ruins, mosaics, and theatre. You can also enjoy the Sarande Promenade, where you can see the shops, bars, and restaurants.

Sarande is also a place where you can explore the charm and beauty of the town. You can walk through the old town, where you can see the colourful houses, the stone streets, and the quaint shops and cafes. You can also visit the **Lekuresi Castle**, where you can see the 16th-century fortress, the museum, and the panoramic views of the town and the sea. You can also see the **Synagogue of Sarande**, where you can see the 5th-century synagogue, with its mosaic floor and marble columns.

Sarande is also a place where you can savour the delicious and fresh flavours of Albanian cuisine. You can taste some of the specialities, such as the byrek, a pastry filled with cheese, spinach, or meat, the tave kosi, a baked dish of lamb and yoghurt, and the baklava, a pastry filled with nuts and syrup. You can also try some of the seafood, such as the mussels, the octopus, and the fish soup. You can also enjoy some of the wines, such as the shesh, a white wine, or the kallmet, a red wine.

Sarande is a place where you can find excitement, beauty, and enjoyment. It is a place where you can experience the contrast and harmony of the sea and the land, the old and the new, the local and the international. It is a place where you can discover the magic and wonder of Albania. Sarande is a place you will always like.

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