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Croatia is to join the Schengen area this weekend, which will have a knock-on effect to British travellers heading to the country in 2023 which brings it in line with many other European countries.

Following Brexit, for British Passport holders travelling to a Schengen country, we have new rules we need to observe with slightly different validity rules we are used to in other parts of the world. It means that our passports can’t be issued more than 10 years from the issue date, and must have at least 3 months remaining when returning to the UK. This effect those who decided to add on time onto their passport (you used to be able to add up to 9 months), and three months is different from the ‘as long as it’s valid rule before’. However, many countries around the world mandate 6 months, so probably best to stick to that to be on the safe side (note that many cruise lines require this in Europe, even if you’re not due to sail outside European waters).

In addition to these specific passport requirements, it also falls in line with not staying any more than 90 days within any 180 day period, which is currently monitored by returning to the good old stamp in your passport.

As well as joining the Schengen area, Croatia is also joining the Euro. For British travellers, if you have some leftover over from previous travels, and you’re going again in the summer, you will be able to change the Kuna for Euros in banks. (I did this with Latvian currency a few years ago and it was really simple).

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