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The Easter holidays are a great time to go away, although there are some places which get more attention than anywhere else. You’re often lucky to get a direct flight on the day you want to Florida (and especially the theme parks of Orlando), popular destinations in the Caribbean like Barbados or Antigua, Mauritius, Dubai or the Canary Islands. However, with a little imagination and for us to open our eyes to a different world – there is more than enough to do during the Easter holidays.




People often ask where we go on holiday. That answer varies somewhat depending on what we’re doing, or maybe where we going on a conference or other work trip. However, this Easter I’m revisiting somewhere I haven’t been for a while – somewhere I have never actually stayed before due to former Ryanair 1p sales… and that’s Dublin. 

It’s been over 10 years since the last time I went to Dublin, and given how much the UK has changed over that time, it will be interesting to see how the Irish capital has changed. Room rates are a little on the high side though, I’m staying at the new Moxy Hotel, right in the centre which is part of the Marriott group (although isn’t everything these days!). 

Dublin is a lovely city though, and especially on a nice day there is nothing better than a walk along the river (although some might say that time would be better spent in the Guinness factory, or a bar in Temple Bar). It’s extremely walkable, and I would also suggest a really interesting alternative for children. 



This is somewhere else I have been at Easter. Let me tell you that the place comes alive over this whole period, like one giant fiesta! It’s not every day that you arrive at a new destination, right in the middle of a parade with large floats on flatbed trucks making their way through the narrow streets. 

The centre of the city is delightful, and just as you would expect from the region. You can absolutely tell you’re in Spain, but with some delightful Moorish influences, courtyards and beautiful mosaics. Lining the streets are Orange trees, full of blossom if you hit the time right. There’s a bull ring, a fabulous river where you can take in a different aspect of the city, or from one of its giant palaces. 

I would absolutely recommend staying in the heart of the old town, everything is extremely walkable – and book early for Easter as it can be really popular!




This might not be the first place on everyone’s wishlist, but at this time of year, it’s somewhat of a triple threat. It’s a city by the sea, it’s usually pleasantly warm and it has some great hotels – including ones which are ideal for families. 

For those who are looking for some culture, Malta has been ruled by various different kingdoms and rulers over the years – and there is evidence of that all over the island (once you look past all the British influences). With its clear blue sea, it’s also one of the best places in the Med to go diving, although it could be a bit chilly in April. 

We always recommend travelling and staying in Valletta the capital, maybe just outside at somewhere like the Excelsior – which is a great base and even has a lovely outdoor swimming pool. 



This might sound a little crazy, going to Australia for a couple of weeks – but with a direct flight and better connections, it’s much easier than you think it is. The direct flight to Perth is just about the same as an indirect flight to Mauritius or South Africa, and you’ll get to revel at the end of the Australian summer in some of its finest cities. 

There is always the option of combining Australia with a quick stop in Singapore, although somewhere like the Middle East would be more tricky given its popularity at this time of year. 


Los Angeles

West Coast America

Although we often this of this as a summer holiday, it really is a great time to do a multi-centre holiday on the west coast of America. You’ll be able to enjoy the delights of Las Vegas, without the blazing heat of the summer (which often causes a problem for aircraft, when it’s well above 45C), and everything that ‘sin city’ has to offer. 

You could combine that with the  parks, or maybe drive to the coast with a short stop in Los Angeles before the stunning drive up the coast to San Francisco. I know that some golfers might want to stop enroute, and those you like a glass, something to look forward to at the end! 

This is a really interest alternative to the summer holiday, and especially so when the theme parks of Florida are absolutely chocker block. 

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