In Italy, Sicily

Day 1-4: Siracusa
Start your journey in Siracusa, a historic city with a rich Greek and Roman heritage. Stay at the Grand Hotel Ortigia, a luxury hotel with elegant rooms, a spa, and a rooftop restaurant overlooking the sea. Explore the island of Ortigia, the oldest and most charming part of the city. Visit the Cathedral of Siracusa, built on the site of an ancient temple of Athena. Admire the Fountain of Arethusa, a freshwater spring with papyrus plants and ducks. See the impressive Castello Maniace, a medieval fortress with a splendid hall and courtyard. For a cultural experience, visit the Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum, one of the best in Sicily, with exhibits ranging from prehistoric to Byzantine times.

Day 5-8: Agrigento
Drive west along the southern coast to Agrigento, a city famous for its magnificent Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stay at the Hotel Villa Athena, a stunning hotel with panoramic views of the ancient ruins, a pool, and a gourmet restaurant. Marvel at the Temple of Concordia, one of the best-preserved Doric temples in the world. Visit the Temple of Juno, with its 25 columns and sacrificial altar. See the colossal Temple of Olympian Zeus, once the largest temple in the ancient world. For some nature and adventure, hike to the Scala dei Turchi, a spectacular white cliff shaped like a staircase by the sea.


Palermo, Sicily

Day 9-12: Palermo
Continue your road trip to Palermo, the capital and largest city of Sicily. Stay at the San Domenico Palace Hotel, a former monastery converted into a luxury hotel with exquisite rooms, gardens, and terraces. See the landmarks that make Palermo famous. Visit the Palatine Chapel, a masterpiece of Norman-Arab-Byzantine art with dazzling mosaics and a wooden ceiling. Explore the Cathedral of Palermo, a splendid example of Sicilian Gothic architecture with royal tombs and a treasury. Ride a cable car to Monreale, where you can admire one of the most beautiful churches in Italy, decorated with golden mosaics depicting scenes from the Bible. Enjoy the cultural and culinary scene of Palermo. Visit the Teatro Massimo, one of the largest and most prestigious opera houses in Europe. Taste the street food specialities of Palermo, such as arancini (fried rice balls), panelle (chickpea fritters), and cannoli (crispy pastry tubes filled with ricotta cheese).


Day 13-16: Taormina
End your trip in Taormina, one of Sicily’s most popular and picturesque resorts. Stay at The Ashbee Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel with stylish rooms, a pool, and a rooftop bar. See the Greek Theater, one of Taormina’s main attractions. This ancient amphitheatre offers stunning views of Mount Etna and the sea. Stroll along Corso Umberto, Taormina’s main street. This pedestrian-only area is lined with romantic buildings, shops, cafĂ©s, and terraces. Stop at Piazza IX Aprile for a beautiful view of Mount Etna and San Giuseppe Church. Visit Isola Bella, a small island connected to Taormina by a narrow strip of sand. This nature reserve is home to exotic plants and birds. You can swim or snorkel in the clear water or take a boat tour around it.


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