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Many of the news headlines this week have been incorrect in stating that international travel is banned until the end of June. 

Right now and up to the 17th May, international travel is illegal and that hasn’t changed. What has been reported on is the government implementing provision to extend the Coronavirus Bill, so that it can legally extend the ability to implement any measures (not just travel) until July. This bill doesn’t specify that international travel is illegal until June, only gives the government the ability to do if necessary.

In addition with the ‘stay at home’ rule being removed on Monday 29th March, to deter anyone who might be thinking of travelling abroad (other than for legally permitted reasons), they are introducing a fine of ¬£5000.

On the 12th April, the Global Travel Taskforce will publish its recommendations on international travel, which will outline how travel can restart safely. Therefore it’s too early to speculate on what the government may or may not do this summer, as the paper outlining the recommendations hasn’t been published yet.

In addition, Boris Johnson has announced he is to make an announcement about international travel on 5th April – a week before the report is due.

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