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Last week we said that it was possible to dream, Dream that we will once again be able to travel again, just as we were used to without restriction, confusion or indecision.

Little did we know just a few days later that more encouraging news should emerge. The news of a potential vaccine, although known to be in development, its effectiveness is a positive step forward in the ability to travel with confidence, and its not that far around the corner. One would hope, if its starting to be administered next month, we could be back to normal by next summer, with other countries also putting into place mass vaccination programmes.

This was combined with the announcement of ‘mass testing’, which has been trialed in Liverpool, which the Transport Secretary has suggested will help facilitate travel in the meantime. Interestingly, Hertfordshire is going to be included in the next phase of that roll out.

Despite ‘lockdown’ we are still here for you, and while it isn’t possible to travel at the moment we’re happy to answer questions and queries on travel in the future. The picture is very confusing still, and we will help you understand the regulations and assist in any way we can.

One day we’ll fly away…

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