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The Formula One season has just ended in Abu Dhabi, but in the world of motorsport nothing ever really ends as you’re onto the next year and the next chance to win. It’s a bit like life really, things might change but you’re always onto the next thing. Yes, it might not have been a classic year after the controversy of 2021, but there was a worthy winner, taking records in the process.

For those of you who don’t know, I have followed motorsport for nearly 30 years. For while (the best part of 7 years), I even took to sports writing initially covering Formula E as Read Motorsports lead writer, and then later filling in for Formula 1. If you’re really interested, you can find my back catalog here – . I’ve had paddock access, and I’ve been to Silverstone, Barcelona and Monaco, so I know exactly what you’re looking for when travelling for a Grand Prix.


Next year is already on sale, and for most the highlight is going to be Las Vegas this time next year – although the latest indication is that it’s going to be expensive for the tickets, and the hotel prices are going to reflect that. The big festivals of Miami and Zandvoort will no doubt be popular again, along with the classics of Monaco and Monza.

We work with a number of different partners, depending on where you want to go. This might just be for a long weekend, just for the race – like Barcelona, Monza (Milan), Monaco, Zandvoort (Amsterdam) or Budapest. Or, we can create longer, tailor-made packages, which incorporate the race. Maybe you want to travel to Australia, and have a week in Melbourne to see the race – or combine Singapore with many of the different beach destinations in the area – all are possible.

Here’s an example for the end-of-season finale in Abu Dhabi (where it may, or may not go down to the wire!) with our partner Spectate, which includes the flight, hotel in Abu Dhabi, transfers and decent grandstand tickets for the Saturday and Sunday – although of course there are alternatives if you want a ticket for the whole weekend, or include hospitality.

If you’re looking to go to a Grand Prix soon, you can always send me an email, or phone 01442 879787 to talk through the different options. It works great as a present and we can arrange personalised vouchers, created by our in-house designer.

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