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The day in Ljubljana really started the night before. We had driven that afternoon from Lake Bled, and stopped at the delightful town of Radoviljica while travelling down to the city. Arriving in the dark, you can never quite appreciate a city until you see it in the daytime – but at least we had a central hotel. The 3* City Hotel was actually really good, and as good as any 4* city hotel you’re likely to stay in. Yes, the rooms were quite small – but they were wonderfully furnished, and had a compact but perfectly workable bathroom. However, we weren’t really there for the hotel – there wasn’t enough time!

Really, we arrived in the evening so we could have dinner at Ljubljana Castle – an imposing building overlooking the city on the top of a large hill. The plan was to be there at 8pm, and take the funicular up. However, we were a bit late and missed the last one which meant either a taxi up the hill, or walking up the hill. Of course, those who know me will know that I walked up the hill. Those who have any sort of mobility issue should certainly get a taxi, as it gets steeper the further you get up! Restavracilja Strelec is known as one of the best in the city – and I can say that the food was excellent, as it was throughout the whole trip.

Although the last morning started foggily, and you couldn’t even see the castle now from the hotel we continued on our tour. Firstly a trip on the river, pointing out the historical significance of the many bridges which criss-cross through the city. Although it only takes about 20 minutes, its an interesting insight into the history of the city.


As we were in Ljubljana on a Friday, its the day when the majority of the city’s restaurants set up market stalls outside the market and provide lunch with options from all over the world. There was an incredible amount of variety from burgers, to vegan and even a pig roast. Absolutely be there on a Friday – it really is excellent.

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