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As we’re just a few weeks away from the main school summer holidays, we thought it would be worth reminding you of the current passport rules, and dispel some of the confusion which has occurred over the last few months.

Due to Brexit, there are now specific rules when travelling to the EU, which don’t occur elsewhere around the world.

Since Brexit, the rule for a British passport holder travelling to Europe or somewhere else in the Schengen zone has changed. Your passport will only be valid for 10 years from the ‘valid from’ date, and have 3 months of validity left upon your return date to the UK.

For recently issued passports, this of course won’t be a problem – but those issued before 2019 may well have had up to 9 months added. Therefore, it’s important to check the issue date when travelling to Europe/Schengen zone, as these dates may well be different.

The rules for any other country around the world have not changed, and the ‘ten year rule’ doesn’t apply. The ten year rule ONLY applies to Europe. Each country has their own rules, many mandate 6 months remaining on your passport, others like Australia accept you just as long as your passport if valid.

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