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Recently we have received a number of requests to explain the new travel rules for travelling to Europe, and the ETIAS scheme which is due to be introduced later this year.

The first part of this is the revised passport rules for travelling to Europe, which we have started to become accustomed to. As a recap, your passport can’t be valid for more than ten years from the issue date and must have at least 3 months remaining on the date of return. For the moment, each time you travel to Europe your passport will be stamped going in, and when you leave. This is due to the rule only allowing you to stay in Europe for 90 days in any 180 day period.

The ETIAS scheme is similar to what we have grown to get used to when travelling to America with the ESTA, or Canada with the ETA. It’s essentially a visa waiver, which gives the authority to travel, which is linked to your passport.


It’s due to start this November (delayed from the initial suggested date of Easter), although we don’t yet have a specific date. Everyone with a British Passport will need to apply for the ETIAS, in a similar way we do with the ESTA. It will cost €7 and last for three years, although there is an exemption for those under 18’s and those over 70’s where this fee will be waived. This will then allow you to stay in an ETIAS member state for up to

In a similar way to way to travelling to America, the authority will be electronic and instant, but the form must be filled in at least 96 hours before travel. Supposedly, its very easy and should only take 10 minutes. Of course, when you change your passport, you’ll also have to reapply for another authority

We should know more in the coming months about some of the finer detail

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