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We’re delighted to announce something different: a collection of songs based on the theme of responsible and sustainable travel, collectively called ‘There’s So Much More To Do’.

The title track ‘There’s So Much More To Do’ covers the general theme of responsible travel, where although we have started work on trying to make a difference there is a whole lot more all of us can do. ‘In Every Mile, In Every View – Preserving Beauty in all that we do’ – these themes are key to what travelling responsibly is all about. No matter where you are or what you are doing, it’s about preserving what’s so special about the places we visit.

The ‘album’ features many more tracks, focusing specifically on different aspects of responsible travel – extreme weather, climate change, slow travel, overtourism, community tourism, the impact of aviation, animal welfare and quite a few more. Each week they will be accompanied by a blag post explaining the meaning behind the song, and the importance of the message.

The question is why an album? It’s very easy to create a picture, blog post, social media post or video and it’s something you can find very easily across the internet. Yes, we have done the same. there is a whole section on the website dedicated to responsible and sustainable travel including what we’re doing and what we recommend for others to do. However, we thought we could do something different, and replicate these messages in the form of a song, and try and make it more memorable than just the standard text, image or video.

How did we do it? This is a little more controversial, but everything was assisted by the power of AI. I was astonished at the level of quality you can create from audio AI now, we shouldn’t just be thinking about AI in the context of words or images, but the technology is there for so much more than that now.

Songs will be released weekly starting on 16 February, to tie in with our Journal on a Friday as well as being distributed on Facebook, Instagram and on our YouTube Channel.

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