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It is expected the rule on restricting the amount of liquid you can carry in hand luggage is to be dropped in the next eighteen months, following technological developments in scanning equipment in security.

The Times reported this week that ministers have been carrying out a review of security at airports, with the ambition that new CT scanners will be able to cut down security wait times at airports in time for summer 2024.

The 100ml rule was brought in over 15 years, when there was an attempted terrorist attack using liquids – and like ‘sharp objects have been rationed ever since.

These new scanners will be able to scan your whole luggage in 3d (over the current 2D) and will know what types of liquids are inside. Therefore, you’ll be able to take as much liquid as you want, just as long as it fits inside your luggage.

Without the need to pack things in and out of your luggage through security, its hoped that waiting times will be substantially reduced.

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