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It might have been horrific to some just a few years ago, but travelling now with hand baggage only has become the norm, especially on short haul flights and mini breaks. With some airlines offering advantageous allowances, it can also save you some money.

Yes, you would be pushed to travel for two weeks with just a small suitcase and a handbag (or small personal item), but you can get away with it for a few days, and here are a few tips you should remember.

With the cost of taking bags in the hold ever increasing, with Ryanair or WizzAir that can be nearly £100 return on some routes, British Airways introduced a similar basic fare which doesn’t include hold luggage – albeit with a generous cabin baggage limit for all.

You’re not going to be able to take large bulky items in your mini suitcase, so plan in advance and wear or carry anything which is bulky – this could include jumpers or large overcoats. This goes for shoes as well, you can’t take too many!

Given the 100ml liquid rule still exists you also have to be careful what you take with you. I would recommend buying miniature toiletries from Boots or alternative pharmacy – you can get everything from Shampoo to Sun Tan Lotion. Remember that most luxury hotels have toiletries in the room.

While the specific bag sizes vary from airline to airline, the generosity is massively different and surprising from a number of airlines. As you would expect, British Airways allow you to take a mini-suitcase which goes in the overhead locker as well as a small bag which goes under the seat in front. This is for everyone, no matter the fare you have paid.

Ryanair has a similar system, although they will only guarantee the first 90 in the cabin due to space, those who have purchased ‘Priority Boarding’ will be allowed to take them onboard. EasyJet is slightly different, only allowing easyJet Plus customers (those who have an easyJet Plus card, or an upfront seat) to take two cabin bags. Book a normal seat, and you can only take a small bag, to store underneath the seat.

So, there’s a challenge – pack smart, travel smart and take advantage of what is included in your ticket.

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