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For the tenth track, this is a contentious topic in the travel industry. That of dolphins in captivity to be used for entertainment purposes. There are arguments on both sides of the fence, and we fully appreciate that some will have particularly strong views on this topic. We’re highlighting it because we don’t actively sell these sorts of animal attractions, but we’re not going as far as actively discouraging it – we believe it’s a personal choice.

Dolphins performing at attractions have long been a source of entertainment for audiences worldwide. These highly intelligent and social marine mammals showcase a range of impressive behaviours, from acrobatics to synchronized swimming. While the spectacle is undoubtedly captivating, concerns about the welfare of dolphins in captivity have gained traction in recent years.

The confinement of dolphins in artificial environments raises ethical questions about their well-being. These intelligent creatures, known for their complex social structures and vast ocean habitats, may face physical and psychological challenges when confined to tanks. Critics argue that the training methods employed in such attractions may involve coercion and stress, impacting the overall health and happiness of the animals.

Several countries, including the United Kingdom, have taken steps to address these concerns. Legislation and public awareness campaigns emphasize the need for higher standards of care and more humane treatment of dolphins in captivity. Some attractions have responded by implementing larger and more naturalistic enclosures, focusing on educational programs, and even transitioning to virtual reality experiences as an alternative to live performances.

Balancing the desire for entertainment with the ethical treatment of animals remains an ongoing challenge. As public awareness grows, there is an increasing demand for responsible practices that prioritize the welfare of dolphins, encouraging a shift towards more compassionate and sustainable approaches in the realm of marine mammal attractions.



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