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Can’t Be Certain Anymore is the second track on our album, all with the theme of responsible travel. The idea was taken from the events of last year: the wildfires in Italy, Greece and Hawaii, devastating flooding in Pakistan and the lack of snow experienced through the traditional Alpine ski season.

Our weather patterns are changing, and it’s clear we have to recognise that traditional seasons we have known of over the previous decades may no longer apply and we should start now in planning for the future. We have already seen a swing away from the traditional summer holiday, especially in the Greek islands during July and August, in favour of something more temperate, or opting to holiday at a different time of year when it’s not as hot. We also see more extreme events – like hurricanes, cyclones or heavy rain having an impact, both here and abroad – they all have an impact on the infrastructure we currently have.

Who knows if the Maldives or the Netherlands will still be around in fifty years time, or whether greater parts of the world will face severe flooding or even drought. Will we see glaciers in Antarctica? Will we holiday at a different time of year – or maybe even different destinations?



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