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Earlier this year we embarked on one of the largest projects we have ever undertaken, announcing our intention to become a certified BCorp. We are continuing to work towards this goal, and are making significant strides to confidently achieve the eighty-point threshold soon. We’re not there yet, there’s plenty of work still do, but whilst we work towards that goal, we felt there was more we could do in the promotion of being a more conscious traveller.

For the last three years, we have published our ‘Journal’ every Friday, an industry-leading newsletter with the latest news on travel, business news, informal articles about us and our travels, offers, reviews and a TV preview of travel-related shows for the week ahead. It has been incredibly well received, and our clients are impressed with the content and authenticity of its delivery.

So we’re taking the ever-popular Journal formula and creating something new, we’re calling ‘The Conscious Traveller Journal’. This new quarterly email newsletter will be specially themed on social and environmental factors – for instance, the impact of climate change on where why and when we travel; showcasing low-carbon methods of travelling, or community tourism projects around the world. As we do with our standard Journal, we’ll include some offers, but this isn’t its primary focus and we will work with partners who have shown they are committed to sustainability, or are a BCorp themselves

Our first Conscious Traveller Journal will be published in November, where we will focus on our learnings from this summer’s work with TTG on the Sustainable Travel Ambassadors programme, the work we have been doing in working to BCorp standards and publish our first impact report.

What’s more, we have more to come.

To sign up to the new Conscious Traveller Journal – click here


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