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We have been conditioned for a number of years that travelling by air isn’t good for the environment, and that’s quite true. However we have to be pragmatic and realise that travelling by air is part of our way of life and an intrinsic element of the world economy. If it weren’t for air travel, we wouldn’t have the life we have now.

There are a number of ways we can mitigate it though, so we shouldn’t let air travel hold us back. You could fly on an airline which has more modern aircraft and uses sustainable aviation fuel instead of standard kerosene, offset any emissions – although not ideal, and take your own steps like travelling in economy on a low cost airline, and taking less luggage.

You could also take other mitigations, like staying at hotels who operate with green electricity, or source the majority of their food from local suppliers reducing the food miles. You could also have transfers by electric car in some places, or maybe even by train if that suited as well.

It’s not always practical to take an alternative to an aircraft, given that we live on an island – but you could take trains or boats instead of domestic flights when travelling around other countries (although that’s not always possible either when their transport systems are based around air travel such as Argentina or Australia). The same for many other island destinations we love to visit. The last resort is always carbon offsetting (which we can advise on), but it’s not something that should hold us back from travelling.

There is so much to consider, and the topic is far wider than the environment, it’s about the future way of life.



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