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Through climate change, there are a number of consequences we’re likely to face, one of which is the sea level rising which risks us losing many destinations we love to visit around the world.

When we think of low-level destinations, you sometimes think of the Netherlands and Belgium, Denmark, Florida, parts of the Caribbean, Africa, the Far East and of course the Maldives. In fact, there are so many places around the world which would be highly affected by just a small increase in the sea level, including us at home. We ourselves saw that during the winter with the widespread floods in the south and midlands, and the impact the storms had on both trains and planes – causing widespread disruption. It seems like we get more and more of these storms every year, and we will have to understand that the weather may have an impact on how we travel.

With just a few centimetres increase in the sea level, we could find these beloved destinations underwater most of them barely above the sea level as it is. Communities displaced and unique ways of living taken away. I saw this for myself in Venice – with parts of the city flooding in October which causes disruption in a city which is often overcrowded anyway.

Really, we would love to preserve these special experiences for generations to come, but that might not always be possible – even with the best defences. So we should enjoy them whilst we can!


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