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The title track from our song collection is ‘There’s So Much More To Do’, born from our starting place nearly a year ago, by understanding what happened in the past and nurturing what we should be doing in the future. It has long been a passion for us that being a travel agent is far more than booking a holiday or a flight, we have the power to influence and inform. We can enact change to make us a better industry, one which is more understanding, knowledgeable and forgiving, and ultimately one which can be a positive force for the environment and communities around the world. However, there is a lot of work to do, and we’re working on it – step by step.

Last year we launched our Responsible Travel Guide ‘It’s Easy Being Green’, which gives ideas on how to be a more responsible and conscious traveller. This song takes those principles, as we can all give kindness and love wherever we go. It’s about thinking about how and why we travel, what we get out of travelling and how we think about the impact that has on others. We launched a new Animal Welfare Policy, and a new Environmental, Social and Governance Policy and have committed to reducing our carbon emissions over the next few years by signing the Glasgow Declaration for Tourism.

We have only just started on that path, and ‘there’s so much more to do’ to help us all become better travellers. That’s not just those who go to exotic destinations, but everyone – yes, including those who go for a boozy weekend in Benidorm, a luxurious holiday in Barbados by private jet, or skiers who search for the snow in the winter. Everyone, even if small, can play a part.


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