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? Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby – Kasbah Tamadot
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Nestled within the picturesque beauty of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains lies Kasbah Tamadot, a luxurious haven that embodies the perfect fusion of traditional Moroccan charm and modern opulence. Owned by the renowned entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, this enchanting retreat offers travellers an unparalleled experience of cultural immersion, pampered indulgence, and captivating history. Join us on an extraordinary journey through Kasbah Tamadot, as we unveil the captivating stories behind its walls, the lavish rooms that exude Moroccan elegance, the delectable dining experiences, and the top-notch facilities that make it an oasis of luxury in the heart of the Maghreb.

A Glimpse into the Past: The Fascinating History of Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot’s history is as captivating as the retreat itself. In the late 19th century, this stunning property was built as the family home of the local Berber family of the Thami El Glaoui, who served as the Pasha of Marrakech. The Kasbah, a traditional Moroccan fortress, once guarded the pass through the Atlas Mountains. In 1998, Sir Richard Branson discovered this gem during one of his ballooning adventures and was immediately entranced by its allure. He acquired the property and passionately restored and expanded it, preserving its traditional architecture and authentic Moroccan heritage. Today, Kasbah Tamadot stands as a testament to Sir Richard Branson’s commitment to sustainable tourism and community development, actively supporting local projects and forging meaningful connections between guests and the vibrant local culture.

Deluxe Suite, Kasbah Tamadot

Deluxe Suite, Kasbah Tamadot – Image: Virgin Limited Edition

Elegant Indulgence: The Lavish Rooms and Suites

Kasbah Tamadot offers a selection of exquisitely designed rooms and suites, each thoughtfully adorned with local artefacts and furnishings that showcase Morocco’s artistic mastery. The Superior Rooms welcome guests with warm hues and plush amenities, while the Deluxe Rooms offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and gardens. For an unrivalled experience, the lavish Berber Tented Suites present a unique blend of luxury and authenticity, providing guests with a genuine sense of nomadic living under the Moroccan stars. The lavish Master Suite, aptly named the “Eve Branson Suite” after Sir Richard Branson’s mother, offers unparalleled opulence and panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains, creating an enchanting retreat for the most discerning travellers.

Culinary Symphony: An Exquisite Gastronomic Journey

Kasbah Tamadot beckons food enthusiasts to indulge in an extraordinary gastronomic journey, showcasing the richness of Moroccan flavours and international delights. The Kanoun Restaurant serves as the resort’s culinary gem, offering a sumptuous menu inspired by local ingredients and traditional Berber recipes. Guests can savour a fusion of Moroccan and international dishes crafted from the freshest produce, complemented by an extensive selection of wines from the hotel’s well-curated cellar. For a more intimate dining experience, the Asmoun Lounge offers a cosy setting to enjoy afternoon tea or cocktails while taking in the mesmerizing sunset views. With a commitment to personalization, the resort also caters to special dietary requirements, ensuring that every guest’s culinary experience is an unforgettable delight.

Infinity Pool, Kasbah Tamadot

Infinity Pool, Kasbah Tamadot – Image: Virgin Limited Edition

World-Class Facilities: A Sanctuary of Leisure and Adventure

Beyond its luxurious accommodation and delectable dining, Kasbah Tamadot boasts a range of world-class facilities that cater to every guest’s desires. The Asounfou Spa, with its tranquil ambience, offers a diverse array of rejuvenating treatments and massages, all crafted to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. Unwind by the inviting infinity pool, where guests can bask in the Moroccan sun and enjoy refreshing cocktails. For the adventurous souls, the hotel can arrange thrilling outdoor activities, including guided mountain treks through hidden valleys and nearby villages. For an immersive cultural experience, guests can participate in traditional Moroccan cooking classes, led by skilled chefs who reveal the secrets of tantalizing local dishes.

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